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Care of New PlantingsCare of New Plantings

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As a general rule, plants should be watered daily for the first week, every other day for the second week and every third day for the third week, twice per week for the fourth week and once per week after that. It will be necessary to water more often during hot, dry weather.

When watering, soak the plant until there is runoff or fill the saucer completely. Soak down foliage at the same time. Late in the fall before frost sets in, water all plants deeply. This assists the plant in storing adequate moisture for the winter.


Mulch was spread to help hold moisture and reduce weeds. It is best to maintain a constant depth of 3-4” of mulch by mulching annually. Do not allow mulch to accumulate more than an inch or two at the trunk of the plant.


Stakes are installed to hold trees in place until new roots develop. Stakes and wrapping should be removed after the first winter.


All plants were fertilized when installed to promote root growth. Do not fertilize for a minimum of 1 year after installation. If you wish to fertilize on your own we recommend using water soluble fertilizers such as “Miracle Gro” or “Miracid”. Do not over fertilize.


Prune dead or broken branches as needed. Prune back ½ to ¾ of new growth to keep plants full.

Winter Protection

Late fall watering is very important in helping the plant store adequate moisture for the winter. Many evergreen plants such as Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Mountain Laurels, Andromedas, and Hollies would benefit from such additional protection such as antidesicant or wrapping with burlap. We recommend antidesicant on all plants except Junipers every fall to protect buds.

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